Collection: Hi-Drip

Since 2015, Hi Drip E-Liquid is popular for its vibrant packaging and combining fruity and candy flavors. Every E-Liquid has the original fruit fragrance, so you can imagine the feeling of fresh fruit squeezing juice in your mouth. What’s more, the addition of the ice version brings more possibilities for your sensory stimulation. Each Hi-Drip vape juice flavor comes in a 100mL/30 mL bottle. Maybe you want to try these flavors first, like Peachy Mango, Melon Patch, Passion Fruit Lemonade ICED and more. The delightful and flavorful vape would give you the utmost satisfaction and keep you begging for more. At Myvapor Vape Shop, we have partnered with the premium Hi Drip brand to offer you all the latest and best-reviewed Hi Drip e-juices.