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510-T Cartridge (5pcs)

510-T Cartridge (5pcs)

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510-T Empty Cartridge (5pcs)

510-T Empty Cartridge Replacements Properties:
  • length:35.0mm
  • weight:1.0g
  • can be filled with 0.55ml liquid

Universal Accessories:
  • 510-T type A and B Atomizers

  • Black, White, Blue, Pink, Red
With the Joyetech 510-T cartridge you will not have to worry about tissues. To use, simply fill it with e-liquid and it’s ready to go.

An over-used cartridge could potentially damage the atomizing unit, and will take away from your vaping experience. To keep your e-cigarette working at top-notch performance, changing the cartridges from time to time is recommended.

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