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Amor Plus Atomizer Kit - $7.99

Amor Plus Atomizer Kit - $7.99

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WISMEC Amor Plus Atomizer


Amor Plus, an innovative version of Amor series, impresses us with the stainless steel material and transparent glass tube. In addition to the unique adjustable e-liquid inlet, various kinds of coils supported will make you enjoy wonderful vaping flavor. The top e-liquid filling and bottom airflow control design also makes the device more popular.

Standard Configuration:

1 * Mouthpiece
1 * Top Cap
3 * Seal Ring 1
1 * Glass Tube
1 * Regulating Component
3 * Seal Ring 2
4 * Atomizer Head(Ni, Ti, Kanthal and RBA)
1 * Atomizer Base
2 * Organic Cotton
1 * Kanthal Heating Coil
Amor Plus

Amor Plus

Diameter: 22.0mm
Length: 54.0mm
Color: Silver
Liquid Capacity: 3.8ml

Factory Default Resistance:
0.3ohm(Kanthal); 0.15ohm(Nickel 200)
0.5ohm(Titanium); 0.5ohm(RBA)

Main Features

4 Kinds of Atomizer Heads Supported:
The Ni, Ti, Kanthal and RBA heads included in the kits can provide you with different vaping experiences.

Amor Plus

All Stainless Steel Structure and Clear Glass Tube:
Amor Plus is made of 303 stainless steel, and appears to be high-end. All the components are easy to disassemble and clean.

Amor Plus

Specially Designed Regulating Component:
The stainless thread makes the device more wear-resisting and the spring connector greatly increases its adaptability.

Amor Plus

Bottom 10-hole Airflow Control:
With ten air inlet holes on the atomizer base, the airflow becomes much more expedite. By rotating the regulation ring, one can enjoy wonderful vapor.

Amor Plus

Pure Organic Cotton Used:
The upgradeable firmware will make you keep pace with the vaping evolution.
Amor Plus


Presa TC75W is the best matching for Amor Plus. You can get an unexpected vaping experience from the perfect combination.

Amor Plus

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