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eCom-C 1300mAh battery eGo [Threading]

eCom-C 1300mAh battery eGo [Threading]

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eCom-C 1300mAh battery eGo

eGo T Battery Parameter:

Diameter: 14mm
Length (510): 89.5mm/104.5mm/124.5mm

Battery capacity: 1300mAh


Silver, Black, White, Blue, Pink, Purple, and Red


eCom-C adopts 510 thread

which is different with eCom. It improves the compatibility greatly as spare parts. Apart from this, we also have the eGo thread for eCom-C battery for your choice.

Functions of battery charge indication, intensified short circuit protection, Low battery warning, discharge and overcharge protection, High-safe, high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability dedicated lithium battery.
eGo T Battery

Two modes to switch eCom-C battery has two modes to switch: one is the constant voltage output mode(3.5V), another is variable voltage output mode. On off-line mode, users can keep pressing the button for 5 seconds to switch this two modes. If the bottom indicator flashes 3 times in white, it means the battery is in constant voltage output mode(3.5V); if the bottom indicator flashes 3 times in orange, it means the battery is in variable voltage output mode.

Rear mode light Note: This chart is for reference only.On off-line mode, please press the button 3 times, if the button light blink 5 times, while the rear mode light not, it means the rear mode light has been turned off; If the button light and rear mode light blink at the same time, it means the rear mode light has been turned on

Low battery warning: When the device is in power-on state and reaches low battery, the button light will flash 40 times, and the device will shut down automatically.

Battery indicator: While pressing the button, if the remaining power is 60% or above, the corresponding mode light will stay on, and when it is lower than 60%, the light flashes continuously. The less the power remains, the faster the light flashes. When the power is within 30%-59%, the light flashes slowly; within 10%-29%, the light flashes in normal speed; within 0%-9%, the light flashes in high frequency.

Charging: Simply charge eCom-C by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. When plug it to power resource, the button light will blink 5 times and the light will keep blinking during charging. When it's fully charged, the button light will go out.

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