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eGo-T 650mAh Battery

eGo-T 650mAh Battery

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eGo-T 650mAh Battery

eGo T Battery Properties:

Length: 72mm
Weight: 30.0g

High-safety, high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability dedicated lithium battery


Silver, Black, White, Cherry, Blue, Pink, Brassy, Green, Purple, Red and Titanium

Universal Accessories:

510, 510-T, eGo, eGo-T atomizers

High performance battery with a MCU main control chip inside the body. It uses the latest technology including a continuous voltage output of 3.3V. Protects against short circuits, over-charging, discharging, and ensures continuous performance of atomizers.

eGo T Battery Features

1. The protection switch has lock/unlock function, making it safer and easier to use and can prevent accidental battery discharge when not in use.
2. Joyetech brand logo at the bottom of each battery.

eGo T Usage and Assembly Diagram

3. Screw battery on atomizer, gently push cartridge into atomizer, and it's ready to use.
4. Battery can be easily charged by USB chargeror power adapter.

Available Colors:

eGo T Battery Colors

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