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eGo-T Upgrade 650mAh Battery

eGo-T Upgrade 650mAh Battery

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eGo-T Upgrade 650mAh Battery

eGo-T Upgrade Battery Properties:

Length:  72mm
Weight:  30.0g

High-safety, high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability dedicated lithium battery


cherry, silver, white, purple, red, black, green, blue, brassy, titanium, pink.

Universal Accessories:

510, 510-T, eGo, eGo-T atomizers

This safe lithium battery features constant voltage output & battery voltage output, short circuit protection, discharge, and overcharge protection.

The upgrade battery features a new function: battery voltage output mode (variable voltage output mode). In this mode, the voltage varies from the constant 3.3V output as the battery power changes.

Special features of eGo-T upgrade battery

This Joyetech upgrade battery has two modes: constant voltage output mode and the variable voltage output mode.

Switching operation and features :

• By holding down button for 5 seconds, the LED light will blink orange 3 times and the battery will switch to variable voltage output mode.
• In variable voltage output mode, the LED light will be orange and battery won't have power display function.
• When charging, orange LED will blink 5 times if it's in variable voltage mode.
• If you wish to switch back mode, hold the button down for 5 seconds once the battery is off.
• Pushing the button 5 times turns the battery on and off.

eGo-T Upgrade Battery LED

Available Colors:
eGo-T Upgrade Battery Colors

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