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Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod

Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod

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Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod

Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod Introduction

Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod has a unique design as well as powerful capabilities. The mod looks more vintage and stylish because it removes digital readouts, selectable buttons, and other controls outside the fire button on top. Noisy Cricket Mod has a modest weight despite its gorgeous polish and stainless steel construction. When the 18650 batteries are fully charged, this highly powerful mod utilizes them in a serial manner to deliver 8.4 Volt. The connector pole on your tank must extend past the 510 connection holes on the tank because it has a hybrid 510 connector. Of course, a firm grasp of Ohm's Law and battery safety is necessary for using the Noisy Cricket safely. You'll find out that Noisy Cricket Mod isn't the loud, chirping device you might have thought once you give it a try. Instead, it's a robust device that functions without a hitch for your vaping convenience. Noisy Cricket Mod is more appealing and well-liked due to the connection in series, high power output, unusual linkage set, and six ventilation holes.

Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod Parameter

Cell type: Two 18650 cells
Thread type: 510 thread
Recommended resistance range: 0.25ohm-0.5ohm

Product Includes

1 x Wismec Noisy Cricket Mod

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