Smart WiFi In-Wall Switch with RF Remote

Smart WiFi In-Wall Switch with RF Remote

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Smart Switch With RF433 Remote Controller

Smart Control Your Home Devices

The AvatarControls Smart Switches with RF433 remote controller install as easily like a traditional light switch, and connect to your home WiFi in no time through the Smart Life and AvatarControls app.

It is a good idea to start building your own smart home system.

Control your lights, ceiling fans, and other fixtures at anywhere anytime with your smartphone.

  • Work with AvaCube and AvatarControls APP
  • Work With Alexa Echo
  • Work with Google Home assistant
  • Only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network first connection

Easy to install
1. Red wire should connect to----- Load wire
2. Black wire should connect to----- Live wire
3. White wire should connect to----- Neutral wire
4. Green wire should connect to-----Ground wire

AvatarControls APP-2.4GHz
Scan the QR code or download "AvatarControls" app from your app store, create an account and log in. You can do more on app, like app control anywhere, timer, share device, group control and so on.

Voice Control
Enjoy hands-free voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant. Just give a voice control to control the light when you are coming through the kitchen door with your hand full of groceries, sleeping, holding your baby, etc.

Mount the Remote on the wall
Affix the RF remote to the wall with double sided tape to have it act as an easy-access light switch as you leave or enter a doorway. It's perfect for apartments, studios, classrooms and small businesses etc.

Make Your Life more Comfortable
Perfect for the elderly, pregnant woman and those with limited mobility or back pain; make your life convenient and energy efficient.

Single Pole
AvatarControls smart switch is a single pole, 1 way, not 3 way swich.

RF433 Remote Controller.
Strong RF signal works through walls and doors.Do not require line of sight between the remote and switch in receiver.The wireless range may be shortened by electronic devices, or other physical barriers, so in actual use, the distance maybe slightly less than 100ft.

Time and Schedule Function
With the free Avatar Controls app, you can Create custom schedules and automatically turn lights on/off at a specific time.You can set time as you want when you're arriving home, after living or sleeping, convenient without your fingertips. Just based on your daily routine! Create schedules for all your smart devices to automate your home.

Share to your Family
Share the smart light switch and Smart Device Group to all family members, each member of the family could download it and control the devices, it’s convenience and simple to operate it, enjoy smart life with your family member.

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